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The aim of this site is to provide a wealth of information and resources regarding pathological narcissism and narcissistic abuse which is now becoming known as ‘narcissistic victim syndrome.’

Pathological narcissism is also known as narcissistic personality disorder.

My own experience of being involved with a pathological narcissist in an intimate relationship has become the drive to educate, inform, expose and ultimately empower and therefore liberate people who are currently or who have been in the same predicament.

People suffer terribly at the hands of these severely disordered people.

Narcissistic abuse has only come to the forefront of awareness over the last twenty years or so and so I have realised that the vast majority of people, including myself at the time, have little idea as to not only the devastating effects of pathological narcissism, but also have no name to describe what they are going through. Now there is a name for the beast and something can be done about it.

So often, I have heard it said and it was in my own experience, that I knew that something was very, very wrong in the relationship. I just could not put my finger on it. The shock, the horror, the betrayal, the rage, the deep trauma bond with the narcissist that is so very hard to break free from, the feeling of being emotionally and psychologically violated by someone who was essentially a vacant vessel devoid of genuine empathy and the incomprehension that a person could behave in this way was beyond belief to me. My own journey of arming myself very, very thoroughly with information led to my liberation and ongoing escape from a relationship that was costing me my sanity, my memory, my perception of reality, my physical health and I believe, ultimately, my very life itself.

I believe that the final invoice that we receive from a narcissist is for our life.

The most important message that I want to convey is one of hope.

It is possible to extricate oneself from these toxic, destructive and one sided relationships and to re-embrace our precious selves and move again towards happiness, joy, hope, creativity, peace, fulfilment and self love. This can be done with knowledge, the brutal determination needed in the accepting and recognising the reality of pathological narcissism and all of the right support.

I have done it and I know many others who have done it too. I believe that you can do it as well.

It’s not necessary to suffer any longer…

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