Aug 312020
Narcissistic abuse – An interview with Christine Louis De Canonville

I have just had the immense privilege of interviewing Christine Louis De Canonville. She is an internationally recognised clinical psychotherapist specialising in pathological narcissism and narcissistic abuse. She is also an author, a professional trainer, and international speaker, a lecturer, workshop facilitator and external examiner. Christine lives in Dublin, Ireland and has written a number of books including:

  • The Three Faces Of Evil – Revealing The Full Spectrum Of Narcissistic Abuse
  • When Shame Begets Shame – How the Narcissist Hurts and Shames their Victims
  • The Gaslighting Syndrome – Demystifying the Narcissists Complex Patterns of Psychological Warfare & Intimate Terrorism.

In this interview, she discusses narcissistic abuse and I found Christine to be very insightful and illuminating. A truly wonderful and special interview with her…

Having a narcissistic personality disorder is not a crime but narcissistic abuse should be made a crime, Christine Louis De Canonville.

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