Below is a wealth of information, help, support and resources…

International psychologists specialising in narcissistic abuse

Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Ross Rosenberg

Christine Louis De Canonville

Authors and books about narcissism and narcissistic abuse

Shahida Arabi | Becoming the narcissist’s nightmare

Shahida Arabi | Power-surviving and thriving after narcissistic abuse

Dr. Ramani Durvasula | Should I stay or should I go?

Professor Sam Vaknin | Malignant Self Love : Narcissism Revisited

Ross Rosenberg | The Human Magnet

Christine Louis De Canonville | The three faces of evil

Dr. M Scott Peck | People of the lie

Lyall Watson | Dark Nature

Psychologists specialising in narcissistic abuse

Dr. Carin-Lee Masters | Clinical Psychologist | Masters thesis in narcissism

More details of professional clinically trained psychotherapists specialising in narcissistic abuse in and around South Africa will follow shortly…

You Tube Channels

Ross Rosenberg

Dr. Ramani Durvasula

Christine Louis De Canonville

Melonie Tonia-Evans

HG Tudor | A narcissistic psychopath

Sam Vaknin | A psychopathic narcissist

Richard Grannon

De Mars Coaching

Soul GPS

Quora Forums | Stories from survivors and perspectives from narcissists themselves

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